Jaime Lubelczyk, D.C, L.Ac

Jaime Lubelczyk, D.C, L.Ac has been in the health care field since 1998; first as an EMT and Paramedic, now as a board certified chiropractor licensed in the State of Massachusetts. After receiving a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, she enrolled in the distinguished New York Chiropractic College where she completed a Doctorate in Chiropractic as well as, a Master’s of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. In addition to these degrees, Dr. Lubelczyk is certified in Applied Kinesiology and is a member of the International College of Applied Kinesiology. Dedicated to providing the best possible care to her patients, Dr. Lubelczyk is constantly integrating all her studies so she can better help each individual optimize their health and well being. Dr. Lubelczyk is excited to join the all about you in a united effort to develop whole person medicine as a preventative as well as a corrective option.

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Dr. Lubelczyk's approach to Chiropractic is to use muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology) to determine the patient's needs, then provide adjustment and/or soft tissue work to the areas which need correction. For patients who are not comfortable with adjustments that make noises (a "crack"), Dr. Lubelczyk offers some non-force adjustments which can be as effective.

Applied Kinesiology, the application of the study of muscles and body movement, is a gentle, non-invasive system of evaluation where muscle testing is used to communicate with the body. This allows the doctor to identify functional imbalances in the body and then restore balance through conservative treatments such as; joint manipulation, muscle work, diet, nutrition, emotional stress release, or exercise.

What to expect

Your initial visit will be scheduled for an hour. During that time we will discuss your past medical history and look for the bigger picture of how your health is evolving.

Follow up visits will be scheduled for a half hour.

After each treatment please drink water to help assist your body in the healing process.

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