Dr. Stephanie Sidney



    Dr. Stephanie Sidney is a licensed Psychologist with years of private practice experience. She has an established practice in Danvers, and is opening a new office with us.

    Dr Stephanie accepts insurance from most of the major providers.

    "Calm in the middle of the storm; strength to overcome any obstacle; courage, resilience and determination - these are qualities I seek to cultivate in my clients.

    My goal is to not only offer my clients relief from disturbing emotional and cognitive symptoms [anxiety, depression, anger, inattention, interpersonal conflicts] but see that they thrive by manifesting their highest potential.

    My clinical work has been described as "practical" "effective," "holistic", "multi-modal," "results oriented," blending the science of Western Psychology with the intuition of the Eastern spiritual traditions. I appreciate hardworking clients who are committed to their growth flourish in my care.

    I have special expertise in Anxiety disorders, Health psychology, Stress management and Meditation. I have a recognized talent for helping children with behavior problems as well as children with ADD, ADHD, autism and temper tantrums. A graduate of BU's Behavioral Medicine Program, I have treated many medical problems.

    I also have had exceptional training in Meditation. I have studied with Yogi Bajan, a Kundalini Yoga Master; Master Mantak Chia, a Healing Tao Instructor, and completed the Kalichakra initiation with the Dali Lama. I also have a Master's degree in Esoteric Psychology. I use meditation for relaxation and intuitive guidance.

    The new office will offer individual sessions, family therapy, and soon group therapy.

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