Steven William Beck

Steven William Beck has been practicing yoga for 2 years. He taught his first class as a volunteer when the teacher was sick a little over a year ago. In June of 2019, Steven won a scholarship doing headstand tricks on his Instagram account. This allowed him to attend a yoga teaching program through CircAsana Yoga in Morocco, Africa where he received his 200-hour yoga certification.

Steven's journey to find yoga is all thanks to his mom. When she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and given 6 months to live, she decided she wanted more from life and tried yoga. Five and a half years later, she gave Steven his first yoga lesson. He was not interested! At the time, Steven was 335lbs and had a very difficult time attempting various poses. Six months later, Steven received his last call from his mom. Her last request was for Steven to start taking yoga classes regularly.

Yoga has helped Steven not only in finding physical fitness, but mental and spiritual fitness as well. His hope is to be able to help others come to their own version of the Yogi's life that suits them.

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