Interview with Stephanie Wholey

What do you love most about teaching yoga? My students. They have always made me want to be a better teacher; even though most of the time, I feel like they are the ones teaching me. They continue to show up each and every week, and they put in the work. I love seeing their progress, and I don’t take being their teacher lightly. I’ve always considered aay my “home base.”

Why is Hot Yoga better than "Cold" Yoga? Hot yoga definitely relaxes the muscles faster so you can get deeper into poses that you didn’t think were possible. I think any type of yoga is beneficial, especially, in this day and age where people expect instant gratification, or who are always in a hurry, or when the stresses of life get to them. Yoga reminds us that slowing down is just as critical for us as speeding up, that silencing the mind improves higher brain functioning, and that it takes work to get to where we want to be. These are ancient teachings that we bring to the surface.

What can we expect from your classes? Start right where you are. You can be a beginner or an advanced yogi but there’s always room for growth. That’s why we call this a ‘yoga practice’. I don’t care if you come and sit on your mat and just breathe for 60 minutes. Maybe that’s just what you needed. What is your favorite yoga pose and why? Any and all hips. I tend to hold all of my stress in my hips, so pigeon is always a go to for me.

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