Info about lash extensions

Eyelash extensions are synthetic fibers used to enhance the look of natural eyelashes to be longer, curlier, thicker, and fuller. A single lash extension is applied individually to each natural lash. These are classic lashes.


If you do not come 2-3 weeks for fills, you will have to do an initial lash extension session.

Please remove all eye makeup before appointments.

Failure to do so will result in an additional fee up to the technician’s discretion.

Lash Extensions**

Lash Extension - Initial

2 hour session


Lash Extension - 2 Week Fill

45 minute session


Lash Extension - 3 Week Fill

1 hour session


Lash Removal

30 minute session


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Glam Lash Extension (add on)

Added to Initial or Fill service


Hybrid Lash Extension (add on)

Added to Initial or Fill service


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Classic Lashes: A single lash extension is applied individually

to each natural lash

Glam Lashes: Offering the look of volume lashes using

pre-made fans

Hybrid Lashes: A mixture of classic lashes and volume lashes

Lash Lifts**

Lash Lift

45 minute session


Lash Lift & Tint

75 minute session


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Lash Extensions last 2-3 weeks.

Lash Lifts last 6-8 weeks.

Eye Makeup Removal


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Classic vs. Volume

Brow & Lash Tinting*

Get the total finished look with Lash & Brow Tinting.  Your brows will look naturally defined and your lashes darker. The results last approximately 3-4 weeks.**

Brow Tint
Brow Tint & Shape
Lash Tint
Brow Tint & Shape & Lash Tint
Brow Tint & Shape Series – 6 Visits
Brow Tint & Shape & Lash Series – 6 Visits

Series expire in one year.

* Please inform us if you are using Retin-A or any Alpha-Hydroxy Acids before any waxing is to be done. It is recommended that you wait 3 months before & after using these products if you are to be waxed.

** Contacts will need to be removed prior to service.


Lash Lift - Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you apply the lash with?

We use a medical grade adhesive called Cyanoacrylate.

Can I wear them if I am allergic to latex?

Yes, there is no latex in the adhesive.

How do I take care of them?
Treat them like your natural lashes. Make sure you cleanse them on a nightly basis and gently comb them.

What do I clean my lashes with?
You clean your extensions with a lash-safe cleanser and lint-free applicators. Never use cotton swabs or cotton around the eye. The fibers can get intertwined in the lashes; you will not be able to see the fiber but you will be able to feel it.

Can I wear mascara? If so, how do I remove it?
You will not need mascara with extensions. If you miss your fill and they are looking sparse, try using mascara on just the tips of your lashes. Only use a water-based mascara. Never use waterproof mascara and always clean your lashes nightly.

Can I go swimming?
Water and swimming will not affect your lashes but when water is in your eyes, blot (do not rub) them.

Can I take Hot Yoga?
The adhesive used is sensitive to excess humidity which causes it to soften. As long as you are not exposed for prolonged periods of time your extensions should be fine.

What is the maintenance?
Maintenance depends on the strength of the adhesive we use and how you care for them at home. We like to recommend you come back every 2 to 3 weeks so we can keep them looking full and beautiful.

How long do lash extensions last? 

They will last until your natural lash sheds. You have approximately 150 follicles in your upper lash line and approximately 70 in your lower lash line. They grow and shed at different rates. There is the anagen phase, which we refer to as baby hairs. Then there is the catagen phase, which we call the teenagers and the telogen phase, or the adult hairs. The baby hairs are too weak so we try to use the teenage hairs and the adults. On a daily basis you will be shedding lashes. This is normal and we know your lashes are healthy.

Will they damage my own lashes?

They will not damage your eyelashes if they are applied correctly. We choose the proper curl and diameter and use the right amount of adhesive to prevent any damage. You cannot self-remove your lashes or pull them out as that will damage them. Keeping them cleaned daily is important proper hygiene, which we will show you after we apply your lashes. We will recommend applicators and a lash-safe shampoo.

Do you do bottom lashes?

Unfortunately, we do not do bottom lashes at this time.

Can I use an eyelash curler?

No, there will be no need. The lashes are available in different curls so that we can give you the look you want without an eyelash curler. If you do use one it will cause lash damage.

Are they black?

We have black, brown, other colors, and ombré lashes. We only have black on hand, so we need to know in advance if you want to use another color besides black.

What are the lashes made out of?

PBT fibers, which are the same fibers toothbrush hairs are made from. They are a synthetic fiber. They are treated with formulations that give appearance and feel of mink or silks, faux mink or Siberian mink.