6-Step HydraDerm Facial

Our 6-Step HydraDerm Facial treatment uses a combination of medical grade skin resurfacing and advanced biotechnologies to deeply clean, smooth, hydrate and firm the skin – giving you an immediately visible result while promoting long-term skin health. This non-invasive procedure utilizes hydro-technology to exfoliate, polish, detoxify, rehydrate and replenish your skin. It delivers immediate results without discomfort, irritation, or downtime.


STEP 1: CLEANSE (Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber)


Using Ultrasound technology, your skin will be gently but deeply cleansed of dead cell build-up and impurities. The combination of ultrasonic waves and water helps to loosen and remove oil, dirt, and cellular debris from the pores while simultaneously stimulating circulation, oxygenation, and collagen production within the dermis. These excess secretions and impurities are then painlessly swept away by the ultrasonic device, leaving your skin’s pores perfectly clear and ready for the next step.


STEP 2: EXFOLIATE (HydraMicrodermabrasion)


Focusing on surface build-up, HydraMicrodermabrasion is used to gently remove dead, dull skin cells from your skin’s surface while simultaneously stimulating the production of new cells deep within the dermal layer of the skin. HydraMicrodermabrasion not only improves the skin’s tone, texture, and color but also increases the efficacy of skincare products by allowing for better penetration of active ingredients.


STEP 3: DETOX (Ultrasound Skin Infusion)


Now with your skin prepped and ready for infusion, relaxing ultrasonic vibrations are used to infuse active serums into the skin, supplying it with the important components needed to provide firmness and elasticity and overall skin health. This modality will tighten and smooth the skin by stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms and ramp up collagen production.


STEP 4: REJUVENATE (Bipolar RF Skin Tightening & Facial Contouring)


Using Radio Frequency (RF) current to gently heat the dermal skin tissue, collagen and elastin production is further stimulated to grow and strengthen, creating surface support and tightening of fine lines and wrinkles without post-treatment downtime.


STEP 5: INFUSE (Cold Hammer Cryotherapy and LED Masque)


A purifying mask is applied via cold hammer to cool and calm the skin, reducing residual heat and redness while feeding the skin with vital nutrients and hydration.


STEP 6: HYDRATE (H2O2 Ion Water Therapy)


The final step – Oxygen H20 serum infusion will drench your skin with highly concentrated molecules of purified oxygen and a customized skin serum to leave your skin with an illuminating glow that radiates from within.


  • Refrain from waxing for 48 hours prior to treatment.

  • Discontinue Vitamin A/retinol or over the counter acne medications such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid for 48 hours prior to treatment.

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure 72 hours prior to treatment.


  • Refrain from any type of exfoliating treatments such as glycolic acid or enzymes to the area for 48 hours.

  • Avoid heat (hot showers, sauna, and intense cardio) for 24 hours.

  • Refrain from waxing or spray tanning for 48 hours. Wear an SPF daily.

Treatment Prices

6-Step HydraDerm Facial

105 Minutes – Includes all six steps as listed above


HydraDerm Treatment

45 Minutes – Includes cleansing and HydraMicrodermabrasion


Radio Frequency, Ultrasound, Oxygen Infusion, or LED masque

Add-on to other facial service

$30 each

Ultrasonic Cleanse
Ultrasonic Cleanse

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Bipolar RF
Bipolar RF

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Ultrasonic Cleanse
Ultrasonic Cleanse

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  • Use of Accutane or similar medication

  • Autoimmune disease, HIV, lupus, hepatitis, or scleroderma

  • Active infection in treatment area

  • Melanoma or lesions suspected of malignancy

  • Active sunburn

  • Pregnancy

  • Breastfeeding – may increase sensitivity and likelihood of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)

  • Epilepsy

  • Anticoagulants therapy

  • Very thin skin

  • Other aesthetic treatments  –

    • Botox: wait 5-7 days

    • Fillers: wait 7-10 days

    • Peels: wait 30 days

    • Laser treatments: wait until lesions heal and swelling/redness is resolved