Systems MFT addresses:

  • Minerals

  • Specific complaints

  • Parasites 

  • Scarring

  • Sugar handling

  • Special situations

  • Yeast

  • Hydration

  • Digestion

  • Elimination

  • Fatty acid balance

  • Food allergies

  • Immunity

  • Environmental allergies

“Whatever the body has created it can cure.”

A few reasons to care about your nutrition


You have been taught that you can get all the nutrition your body needs from your food.  Unfortunately with soil depletion, contaminants (pesticides, pollution, etc), and food processing it is becoming increasingly hard to be healthy just with food.


For example,

  • 65 cups of commercially grown spinach in 2012 had the same amount of iron in it as 1 cup from 1945

  • 10 oranges in 2012 had almost the same amount of Vitamin C as one orange from 1950


A few reasons why one supplement doesn't work for everyone all the time


Everybody is different.  Your best friend can eat a piece of cheesecake and feel fine, but if you do your stomach doesn't feel quite right.


Not only is everybody different, but your body keeps changing too!  Every seven years all of your body's cells have regenerated (with the possible exception of brain cells) and given you a “new body”.  As you change, your needs change.  One size supplement will not fit all.


What is MFT?


Think of your body being powered by a battery.  After all the internal systems are functioning, any extra energy you have becomes a field outside your body.


You want this field to be big and balanced.


Think of the last time you were really sick, if someone dropped something, you felt it through your whole body.  Your field wasn't there to protect you, all your energy was working internally to get you feeling better.  You felt vulnerable.


Now think of a day that you felt invincible.  It didn't matter what happened, what anyone said, you felt great.  That is what we want to recreate every day.  We want your field, to be big and balanced.


Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) is a way to measure that field and then find out what strengthens it, what makes it small and unbalanced.  


By testing your M-field we can energetically ask your body what it wants holistically.  Your empowered body can then let us know when and what it wants.  And as your field becomes more balanced, you should feel your body shed your past complaints.

Standard Process
Standard Process
Standard Process

A little background about

Standard Process


Back in the late 1920's a dentist, Royal Lee, saw that the soil was being depleted of nutrients, that harvested food was being over processed, and the public were being taught that this nutritionally empty food was healthy.  He declared that “the American people have been humbugged into digging their graves with their own teeth”.


Dr. Lee’s belief, that if you give the body what it needs, it can heal itself inspired him to start an organic farm out in Palmyra, WI.  From the crops he began to make whole food supplements.


Whole food supplements, in this case means:


When you read the label of one of his vitamins you find words you recognize, like beets, carrots, kale, and brussels sprouts.


They were grown on the farm and immediately after being harvested, the vegetables are dried at a low heat.  


This process preserves the nutrients and the heat sensitive aspects of the food.

And just to make sure the quality of the supplements and soil are maintained; they are routinely tested for vitamin and mineral levels. 

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