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Upper Facial Treatments

Eyebrow Lift


Frown Lines


Forehead - Spot


Forehead - Full


Hollow Temples


Crows Feet


Lids - Upper


Lids - Lower


Lids - Both


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Mid Facial Treatments

Horizontal Lines


Cheek Lift


Tear Troughs




Ear Lobe


Accordion Lines


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Lower Facial Treatments





Philtral Crest






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Neck Lift


Neck Lines


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The Plasma Concepts Pen is the world’s leading plasma application device for the appearance of wrinkles, aging, skin laxity, tone, and texture. This cosmetic procedure is administered by a licensed, trained, and insured Certified Plasma Technician. Plasma Concepts can unlock skin’s potential for youthfulness and tighter, smoother skin in just one treatment with long lasting results and high patient satisfaction.

The results of the Plasma Pen treatment are virtually immediate and incredibly long lasting without the need for fillers or surgical correction. Plasma Concept’s technology is revolutionizing what is possible in improving skin tone and texture.


​Frequently Asked Questions

Is Plasma Treatment painful?

Topical numbing agents are used on the skin during treatment. Most clients report minimal discomfort and often describe the treatment as merely tingly.


When will I see results?

Although results are often dramatic from day one and your treated area may look completely healed from the outside very quickly, it takes several weeks and sometimes months to be able to see and fully appreciate all the results that the first treatment actually achieved.


How long does Plasma Concepts treatment results last?

Each individual’s results can vary and your technician will discuss your home care and lifestyle which can affect your results. Clients and technicians report that Plasma Concepts Pen delivers exceptionally long lasting results that can last up to 3 years.


Can Plasma Concepts Pen treat all skin types?

For revitalizing only skin treatment, we can treat any skin type. For full Plasma Concepts Pen Treatment we only treat skin types 1 to 3 on the Fitzpatrick scale. Your technician will be able to determine what skin type you are.



Below is a list of contraindications that will affect a Plasma procedure, in traffic light format, for ease of use:

Green = Information will need to be relayed at consultation stage.
Yellow = Proceed with caution. Amendment(s) will need to be made.
Red = Do Not proceed without written Dr. consent.

Medical Conditions:



Causes a severe reaction to anything containing alcohol. Treatment should not be carried out until 6 months after the last tablet was taken. Client should not resume medication until 4-6 weeks after treatment.


More prone to bruising and bleeding but the client can still be treated. Additional treatments may be required.


Medication for thyroid disorders; The client may find the skin is more sensitive.


Medication taken by diabetics. It is advisable to obtain medical consent due to slower healing and increased risk of infection.


Treatment for Rheumatoid arthritis. Has been known to permanently discolour the skin when used with certain devises. Client should consult their specialist physician and obtain a doctors note before receiving treatment.


Steroid cream and Accutane oral medication for treatment of acne can thin the skin considerably. Treatment should not be carried out until 6 months after the last tablet was taken. Client should not resume medication until 6 weeks after Plasma Pen treatment.


Heparin or Warfarin (also called Coumadin) slow down your body's process of making clots. Used to thin the blood following illness or surgery. Clients on this medication can not be treated.

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